Those Appointed to Destroy

A very nice written article from a Judge. Discusses briefly 3 types of laws and how they operate.

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4f522-judge2banna Judge Anna von Reitz

Most of us think of destruction as a bad thing.  We naturally recoil from destroying anything, because we instinctively know that it cost people effort to build it and in many cases, there might be people depending upon it in some way.

Yes, we have it firmly set in our minds that “destruction is bad” even if we also rationally know that sometimes destruction is necessary.
There are in this world people who are literally appointed to destroy and I am one of them. They are called “judges” or “justices” or “magistrates”—- and we are all appointed to destroy.
Now here is the thing that you really have to appreciate: when we destroy something bad, it results in good.
Think of destroying the evil of slavery.  Think of destroying the evil of a festering wound.  Think of destroying a corrupt burdensome bureaucracy.  Think…

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