Co-Operative – Bottom up Model. How Society Can Work in Abundance.

Fostering Community Spirit - Anywhere! - A Little Campy

by Jamil Jacek, Haidari

This is a rough and generalized idea.

                 Co-operative and Bottom Up Economic and Social Model


          What if we the people could solve all our societal, economical issues in our communities, cities, and states.  What if we were empowered in our communities too: fund, employ and shape our community. What if all it took was a recognition of a problem, the formation of a practical solution and an internet connection for instant communication with community.  

            If we start with a small community.  What if one individual wanted to build a swimming pool (or anything else) in his community so that they and potentially others can exercise.   I am using a simple example but this could be replaced with a new bridge, hospital, dog park etc.     How could we as a community implement this change in as short period of a time as possible? Answer empowering the people in the community to make real time decision on how they shape there community and how resources are allocated. 

            Now imagine all the individual did was put in a short written request on a local community discussion board online.  The entire community would be encouraged to join so that it could be better represented and more can be done.    The next step would be get other individuals in the community to agree to that idea (the amount would depend on the scale and how it affects the community as a whole).  Let’s say for the swimming pool idea we got 50 other local residents to agree that an indoor swimming pool is a great idea.  

            The next step after after that would be those 50 individuals that have the desire to create this swimming pool now branch off and create a sub group in which they will figure out the cost of this endeavour.   Once they have 3-4 quotes from contractors and other specialists.  They can put in a formal proposal on the community group with the options based on there quotes.  The time it will take and costs associated with it.   The community can then decide how they wish to finance this endeavor. This will be voted on at a monthly community meeting. Funding through communities credit pool, taxes, personal funding (Go Fund Me model) or a combination of the three.  

            The group that initiated the idea has created short term employment opportunities for themselves if they wish to manage the operation and for the community by contracting skilled labour to complete the task.   Contractors will be encouraged to be sourced locally and measures have to be in place to police this.  Technology will play a big factor as new emerging technologies that reduce the cost and timeline of projects will be encouraged for the benefit of the community.  Communities will have vested interest in selecting the most efficient methods of completing the job so that they can benefit from the project as early as possible. All projects would need sufficient approval from local community.  

Example:  A 3d printer can build an Apartment building frame in a week versus 6 months for a regular construction company and cost a fraction of the cost.  Would one want to wait longer and pay more for the same thing, common sense say’s no. Without bureaucratic dictatorship over how and by who the job is completed, the restriction on ingenuity and technology is lifted.

            Now imagine that these empowered community discussion groups existed in every community around the world.    Imagine every city had its own discussion board by elected “Monthly” community leaders that brought up issues by the local community discussion boards.  The leaders were not given any incentive to lead, except there own desire and the consensus by the group.  Since all discussion are transparent and can attended virtually in real time with a chat option, if the community representative was not speaking for the group he could easily be replaced for the next monthly meeting. 

            Now apply this same model towards Provinces/States/Countries.   We are now creating an organic, live and fluid means of governing ourselves that empowers each individual in the community to participate as there voice can make an impact everyday. 

            Jobs can be created by the people for specific purposes with a specific budget based on the task.  People can then create there own employment opportunities based on what they want to see in their community and what they can contribute.   We as a community begin to use our abundant resources to fund ourselves.  Community comes together and begins to mean something again as people have a vested interest in coming together to improve each others lives.

            We as people can decide what quality of life we each want to have and then build together so that we can all achieve it.  With cooperation and implementation of new technology we can create a high standard of living that even the wealthy among us would be envious of.   We can eliminate poverty, wars and unemployment by ending Scarcity, Competition and a Divisive mentality. 

* This is a First Draft Starting Point.  This is Free information that is not owned by anyone and can be Re-Distributed and Improved on to each Hearts desires.  

Co-operative and Bottom Up Economic and Social Model

Mission: to implement a model that is based on abundance and synergy from mutual benefit of the whole. 

Goals and Objectives:  To eliminate inefficiencies of the centralized and competitive model by restructuring already established institutions and creating new grass roots organic institutions. 


  • Eliminate Lack and Scarcity.
  • Eliminating Inefficiencies such as:   Corruption and Greed, stagnant and redundant offices, excess administration, slow communication process, and lack of incentive to complete tasks in optimal time.
  •  Eliminate Central decision making practice in all instances where it does not serve the benefit of the collective.
  • Create new exciting jobs and the Creativity of every Human.

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