3D Houses – $4000 in 12-24 hours

This company is producing 600-800 square foot homes for $4000.  Each home is built in 12-24 hours.    So the technology is available now in North America for homes.



Unmotivated / Depressed/ Overweight – All Signs of Low Dopamine Levels

I have attached a very informative video that discusses the importance of Dopamine and how a depleted dopamine levels can cause havoc to your life.

Exercise, Diet, and Healthy Habits unlock your body.   The video discusses this in more detail, enjoy.



Kryon – 2018 the “Wisdom Barrier”

This is a great channel from Kryon discussing the near future and the future.   The main theme and subject is describing the new Physics that we need to understand as a People and the “Wisdom Barrier” that we are approaching.  Once that barrier is crossed that is when things will start to change in Quantum.

Animal communicator talks with Great White Sharks

Very much enjoyed watching this video.  There are other videos on Youtube with Anna.  One that comes to mind was her video with a black panther (or puma).

I have also attached a 52 minute documentary about Anna the animal communicator.

Thank you cosmicvision news for making me aware of her latest video with the great white shark.

Flying Car – Terrafugia TF-X

This is slowly where we are heading, seems like this will be the transition between gasoline, electric engine transport and the next generation of magnetic propulsion transportation.   Doesn’t seem like we will see this in the next 2-4 years but who knows.   Thank you cosmicvisionnews.com for posting.

company website: https://www.terrafugia.com/tf-x/