“Sort of US-election-related” post 3 of 4… “Clif High on USA Watchdog.com with data on the Elections, the economy, and other things”

This is good intel regarding Future Trends that are going to happen in North America.

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[Kp update: there’s another video on this channel with Catherine Austin-Fitts which I’m also finding very informative. Click here.]

There’s a variety of informations here, and I’ve found it fascinating to listen to. This is from a USAWatchdog.com article, so please click that link if you wish to read the full piece.

Published on Oct 27, 2016

[Kp note: I am not in any way endorsing any person or place or thing in relation to the US elections coming up. This is data for consideration only. And I will repeat that along with each part so everyone is very clear about that. Bottom line, in my view, this is an opportunity for each and every BEing to hold this entire US election process in the Light, of and for the Highest for all concerned. We can transform any energies of “violence” into the energies of Peace…

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Part 2 -Mastering Alchemy Webinar – Secret, Lies and Denials Revealed

Part 2 of the Webinar from Jim Self/ Mastering Alchemy titled ” Secret, Lies and Denials Revealed.”     Actively delves into this topic both explaining the process and performing the simple tools to bring wellness and transformation into the lives of the practitioner.  – Jamil