Interstellar Movie Trailer and IGN Review

This is the first I heard of this movie (don’t have cable), apparently it has launched in the theaters today; I have attached a trailer and a review from IGN. I personally am looking forward to watching this movie, beside liking the plot, any Christopher Nolan movie is worth taking a look at….  – Jamil

Trailer of the Movie

IGN Review

Sam Harris: Can Psychedelics Help You Expand Your Mind?

I agree with his position on the use of psychedelics to aid in spiritual growth and spiritual practices.  Not as something to use everyday, but as a respected teacher to be used for rare and deep initiations that would normally take much longer to experience.   Thus, creating a foundation and benchmark for a state of being that is possible to achieve and anchor without the use of any aids such as psychedelics (in all their form).  – Jamil

Take the Leap to your Next Level by Jamil Haidari

“Take the Leap to your Next Level “ by Jamil Haidari

Today as I was performing my Yoga practice I received massive downloads from my higher self. The theme being “God Supports You”. Let me start out saying that it is not the same to intellectually understand something as is too truly feel it and see it clearly in your minds eye. That is why you must truly believe and take action small or large that re-inforces your belief in order to cement and ground it into your system.  What I am sharing has been said many times before.  Ask yourself this, how deeply have you experienced the statement above.  How vividly have you felt it inside of you.

Whenever you take risks, when ever you reach in a direction that leads to expansion and growth you will be supported. When you act on your Highest Joy and Vision you will be supported. You will begin to project a reality that conforms to your intended goal.. The Universe at the divine time will seamlessly mold itself to support you. All the pieces to your puzzle will reveal themselves to you, and you must only “Say Yes” and/or “Act”; be yourself. The Universe will do the rest. In this way you begin a positive feedback with your internal feeling and experiences. This will only lead to more growth internally and externally. All decisions and actions that require small or large risks are perceived tests that allow you to jump to a higher platform of your own choosing. Sometimes the steps will lead sideways or even appear to lead back; for the road is usually never one directional. Rest assure even a step backwards with the right attitude and response (a higher perspective) will take you where you need to go. Hold on to your vision; your faith and trust in yourself, and the Universe is paramount.

So take the leap and don’t look back..


Jamil Haidari

Hilarion Weekly Update – October 26 – Nov 1st, 2014


Beloved Ones,

Lightworkers around the world are holding and anchoring the Light like never before!

Each person is endeavoring to nurture themselves each day by doing kindnesses unto themselves – little rewards that make them feel acknowledged and seen.

You are all learning that self-love is a necessity in order to move forward on your spiritual path. Love of self is a vital component in one’s overall spiritual development, and it keeps a person in balance and in harmony, both within themselves and in the world around them. Continue reading

Jack Heart, VT 10-25-14… “Return of the Titans: Black Sun Rising 66 part 1”

Not done reading this, but is interesting nonetheless; thought others might enjoy.

Kauilapele's Blog

veterans_today_jack_heart_banner_1This is rather of a “mind opener” (or “mind blower”), and I felt strongly drawn to post it. I’ve not heard or read Jack Heart before, but apparently he’s written several prior pieces for VT. This article seems to touch on a part of our “Galactic History” that might be asking to be unveiled. See what hits you from this one.


Return of the Titans: Black Sun Rising 66 part 1

By Jack Heart

This was found in a burial mound at Sayre Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1888. Outside of the horns and being over 7’ tall it’s completely human.
“The blood of the Titans is alive, I thought, strangely and wonderfully alive!”

“We are not allowed to forget Hitler and war-time Germany. Nightly, we are presented with an ever on-going television tirade against the man and the country he loved. It all happened so long ago that…

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China tests 3,000-kph ‘super-Maglev’ train concept

Colorado-based ET3 is proposing super high-speed 'Hyperloop' transportation system

Chinese researchers at the Applied Superconductivity Laboratory of Southwest Jiaotong University claim their fast transportation concept based on magnetic levitation (Maglev) technology could potentially be three times faster than an airplane.

Maglev technology was first proposed in the mid-20th century. Nowadays, the Shanghai Maglev Train can reach speeds of over 430 kilometers (260 miles) per hour and is the world’s fastest passenger-carrying train.

The “Super-Maglev” could, however, beat even that. Chinese researchers have been testing a concept train encapsulated in a vacuum tube, thus decreasing the speed limitations imposed by air resistance on regular Maglev trains.

Should the project be successful, the workable Continue reading