Let the Breath Lead You – By Jamil


Let one allow the breath to lead them.
Through practice of yoga we allow the to breath slowly guide us in our movements and into life.. Through building of trust, strength and allowance of the moment we allow this relationship to flourish.
It is the most beautiful relationship you can have, the one with your breath. It Gives more then it receives.
No possession or ambition is greater than your journey into self knowledge.
Self Knowing is experienced in the breath.
Let the breath be your Master, Teacher, Best Friend and Lover.
Slow it down and enjoy it, stretch it and make it last longer, relax with it and be ONE with it.



The Crystal Battery… Two Videos Describing the Technology (and the New Paradigm of “Give it Away, and it Shall Come”)

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crystal_battery_logo_2[Kp note: For those who wish to assist with the Crystal Battery, please click here to go to the donation page.]

The first video is a discussion between Hope Girl and Nick McKenny, discussing the new energy paradigm we are now in, and some details about the technology behind “The Crystal Battery“. The second video is a follow up interview with D of RTS.

I’ve included the notes from each video. Here’s a couple of timings from the first one:

14 minutes: Nick speaks about the King of Morocco wanting to have alternative earth-friendly technology over there (just as Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr. desires in the Kingdom of Hawai’i)

24:44 minutes: Nick describes the technology of the Crystal Battery.


Published on Dec 9, 2014
In this weeks show we speak with Nick Mckenny, a free energy enthusiast, who was involved with the…

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