Kryon – 2018 the “Wisdom Barrier”

This is a great channel from Kryon discussing the near future and the future.   The main theme and subject is describing the new Physics that we need to understand as a People and the “Wisdom Barrier” that we are approaching.  Once that barrier is crossed that is when things will start to change in Quantum.


Understanding our Reality & Changing our Mindset

Great interview, Bruce Lipton does a great job of simplifying this topic through his vast knowledge.

Changing your mindset and re-writing  your script.

DNA – Beliefs and Emotions

Incase you are interested on the topic of DNA and how it is affected.  From 2 good sources.  You can Youtube much more videos from them regarding this subject.   Both prove scientifically the same thing.  The first video is short, the second one is a 90 minute documentary.   They are videos from Greg Baden and Bruce Lipton.
DNA and Emotions
The Biology of Belief
Your Emotions matter
DNA – Phantom experience
message in our DNA

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