Documentary: Symbols of an Alien Sky


This theory presented by David Talbott, which includes Immanuel Velikovsky research and findings is a real eye opener.

This gives one a clearer understanding of the Wars in the Heavens, and ancient stories of the Gods.   It also gives one a very good understanding why there is so much “Saturn” worshiping and Saturn symbols throughout our present societal structure.

Saturn, Satan. Cronos, Kronos, Saturn Day (saturday), Saturnalia (now christmas), Father of the Gods

This is the 1st Episode of Symbols of an Alien Sky.   At the 29th minute it talks about Saturn.

Kryon – 2018 the “Wisdom Barrier”

This is a great channel from Kryon discussing the near future and the future.   The main theme and subject is describing the new Physics that we need to understand as a People and the “Wisdom Barrier” that we are approaching.  Once that barrier is crossed that is when things will start to change in Quantum.

DNA – Beliefs and Emotions

Incase you are interested on the topic of DNA and how it is affected.  From 2 good sources.  You can Youtube much more videos from them regarding this subject.   Both prove scientifically the same thing.  The first video is short, the second one is a 90 minute documentary.   They are videos from Greg Baden and Bruce Lipton.
DNA and Emotions
The Biology of Belief
Your Emotions matter
DNA – Phantom experience
message in our DNA

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