Connecting with Nature – Jamil

Sorry have not posted anything for a while, been on vacation with my wife.  I had a beautiful moment with a fish while on my vaca at the Bahamas will post below……This was at the Atlantis resort aquarium.  Thought it was worth sharing, as it was special for me.  Our starring at each other went a lot longer then the video shows, lol… Namaste

Salusa – January 9th, 2015 via Mike Quinsey

1 salusa 31 março

There are signs all around you that indicate the period of immense change that you are passing through, and old problems that have beset you for millennia of time are coming to a head. Mankind is being confronted with conditions that are becoming intolerable, and they will continue until you are forced to deal with them. Peaceful solutions can be found, but it requires the will of those that lead you to seek more acceptable and lasting solutions. You can no longer continue in the old ways, and in some countries it will require a new Leadership to come forward to direct Man towards peaceful and acceptable answers. Part of this change of direction comes from you the people who wield much more power than you imagine. When the thought form for change grows it becomes a powerful tool that influences the Human population. The scene has gradually been set for many years as you have moved in a different direction to the old ways of confrontation. Peace is in many people’s minds having tired of the lack of leadership that would change course to one of peaceful negotiation. It is coming but as you often say “old habits die hard”. Continue reading