India Wants To Become First Country With 100 Percent Electric Vehicles

India, one of the world’s largest nations, is hell-bent on reducing its dependence and consumption of oil and gas. The government is planning to dominate the roads with electric vehicles within the next 14 years.

Source: India Wants To Become First Country With 100 Percent Electric Vehicles


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Tom DeLonge UFO Disclosure

Tom DeLonge, former lead vocalist for Blink-182, recently came forward to publicly announce that he is receiving covert support from senior officials in the U.S. military industrial complex to reveal the truth about UFOs to the world’s youth. DeLonge says that he has assembled a team of ten advisors who have leadership positions in various U.S. military services, corporations and government bodies, who are giving him information about the “deep black” world of highly compartmentalized advanced technology projects.

During his musical career with Blink-182 (1992 – 2015) and Angels & Airwaves, DeLonge has produced hit albums whose total sales number nearly 30 million. His Twitter page, which currently features a Nazi UFO, has over 650,000 followers.  It is DeLonge’s broad appeal to the Millennial generation that allowed him to successfully pitch his transmedia proposal for cooperation with leaders of “deep black” projects related to UFOs and antigravity technologies.

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Rock Star Receives Official Support for UFO Full Disclosure