Feet and Hands = Unlocking Your Body

female feet and hands

female feet and hands

I have recently self discovered, some of the secrets to unlocking your physical strength as well as opening all parts of your body. I have broken down these routines/practices into separate routines each one is complete in itself, yet each one focusing on a slightly different aspect.

I will discuss briefly the first one today.

1. Feet and Hands – Opening the flexibility of your feet and hands, increases the range of motion for your entire body. As your range of motions improves your strength naturally increases without extra effort. They work hand in hand. Learn and deepen your understanding and appreciation for your feet and hand.


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The Exposé – Ground Crew – Alchemy of Life – Blood, Health, Aura – Intergalactic High Council of 12

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! The transmission that you are about to see is quite a fascinating one. Some parts of this transmission have intrigued me and I was guided all over the …

Source: The Exposé – Ground Crew – Alchemy of Life – Blood, Health, Aura – Intergalactic High Council of 12

Webinar – Aligning the Two Still Points – Part 1 & 2

In my opinion one of the most important experiential exercises on how to shift your awareness from the lower mind to the higher mind.   

The second video goes in further taking you from the still point of your higher mind deeper into a point of reverence and gratitude in the heart center.

I would not recommend watching both videos in the same day, allow at least a day apart between videos to allow yourself time to process and play a bit with the skill.

Thank you Jim Self for these videos, greatly helped me learn another tool for connecting to my sacred heart and higher mind.




Part 1


Part 2

The Last Planetary Update – Jim Self


The Last Planetary Update.  I most heatedly agree with his assessment.  These energies have been building in my perspective throughout February and by the end of it, I was more certain then at any other time, that we are about to step into our deepest intentions if we hold them in our minds eye, and heart.  The waiting is done. – Jamil