Top 10 Brain-Building Breakthroughs

I added this video because he is on point with most of his points in my view.  Of course there is more but he mentions the big ones.   Didn’t know about Rosemary, hmmm.


Breathing: Chest to Belly or Belly to Chest

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If you are dealing with uncontrollable Stress, Chronic Injuries, tightness in upper body, , lower back pain.  This might be the answer for you.

As a Yoga instructor I breath consciously a lot for a living, but I still was unsure when to breath chest to belly and when to breath belly to chest.   This has caused me suffering.  In the last 2 days I have learned the correct timing of this.   This article does a good job to explain the difference and when to do what.   


Part 2 -Mastering Alchemy Webinar – Secret, Lies and Denials Revealed

Part 2 of the Webinar from Jim Self/ Mastering Alchemy titled ” Secret, Lies and Denials Revealed.”     Actively delves into this topic both explaining the process and performing the simple tools to bring wellness and transformation into the lives of the practitioner.  – Jamil

New Realties: Tom Kenyon on Channeling the Hathors Part 1

I am somewhat familiar with the Hathors teaching through Tom Kenyon.   What I enjoyed about this interview is the information regarding genuine channeling and psychic impressions versus hallucination.  How he discerned and concluded that his experiences were authentic.   The topic of channeling other entities is an interesting one to me .  With benefits and risks that befalls on those that wish to channel other entities.

– Jamil