Office of Poofness April 27th, 2014


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You are asking about what the plans are for handling the vast corruption that has occurred… Let me tell you they are complicated and they are afoot right now. The changes that are coming are those I told you about years ago. The plans have been a long time maturing but they do know what they are doing and they have found the resources to make a major shift in the balance of power… The “family” as they are called, the old timers, and the ones who have been groomed have heard the call and are ready to step in. You do not want a revolution on your hands, not at all. Continue reading

Poofness – April 13th, 2014


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For those of you who have supported the Newsletter, Thank you….

For those who haven’t please try to squeeze a few bucks our way so we can continue kicking this information out. With Gratitude, Susan, account is….if you have a problem with paypal please contact the office at…Consultations are also available…S Continue reading

Office of Poofness – April 7th, 2014

Use your discernment… Good Entertainment or Truth????

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The world is going through a metamorphosis; watch what is occurring in
institutions and in the political world. You won’t see it all at once
because change does not happen over night; well not usually. But the
bullying primitive way of going to war to get what another has is over. The
regimes that have been in control will not [no] longer have that kind of
control; you wonder why that can be; it is because people are aware all
over the world that no country or its leaders in their right mind would now
go to war with another country. And so how does this fit with the
prosperity programs. There are those who know that the trust that was
placed with those in leadership positions has been violated beyond any idea
of integrity. They know. And they are bypassing those corrupted by the
greed for more and more. That is over. Continue reading

The Office of Poofness: March 23, 2014

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I chose this song (My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) by Neil Young) to honor Poof leaving nine months ago today.  Your prayers have guided me thru my ‘Darkest Hours’ of the loss of my soul-mate and partner. We began this ‘Prosperity’ journey together 17 years ago, committed to educating, providing information and spreading hope and faith that we all could and would make a difference. Wow, what an unbelievable birthing process of change we have all been thru together.

The good news is the process has begun and the much awaited “Dream” is beginning to materialize right in front of our eyes. Poof may have left the building but he hasn’t left the cause. He certainly remains very close to all of our hearts. – Susan

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POOFness for MAR 17: “Smiling Eyes”

Greetings and Salutations:

Poof Said: “Take a break. Do something for fun. Cheer up others, count your blessings, as they say– one by one— make a note of the folks you wish to honor, or support in some way, write notes of gratitude to your family and to your neighbors. Give a thought to who you’d like to bless. Make an effort to pay something forward somewhere with some one. Do the good thing, the right thing— give more thought to paying attention to just how many people have been involved in making your life richer –richer in many ways. You are a recipient of a legacy that you have had no hand in producing; you are being honored and you will be expected to act like it, to be gentlemanly and lady like in every sense of the word. What more could be asked of you than to honor your elders, those who made the life you now live possible and the legacy you are about to inherit. Do not forget those who helped you along the way…. The end times are close and the shift in consciousness that I always told you was going to happen is just as viable as any thing you are experiencing now. Nothing will be the same. It will be a new world and a new day. Many changes which none of us could have counted or recognized are at our doorstep. P” Continue reading

POOFness for MAR 5: “Blowin” In The Wind

Greetings and Salutations:

As the dis-information and glimmers of truth blow thru our internet winds, it certainly demands incredible discernment on all our parts. Please keep in mind as you peruse thru the reams of printed data that there is certainly a War going on for your attention and your mind. As the dimensions of thought collide we are being constantly challenged to our very core as to “What is our Truth.” We ask When Will this Finally End!! Or Perhaps When Will This Finally Begin??? 
Poof Said:

The whole thing is so enmeshed in politics and in snarled machinations that it is not so easy to figure out who is on top of the situation and who is holding things in abeyance. There are those who are making a difference in the RV and in the Global Reset . The people who are working on this are 100% ready to get it over with and those who are 
against it are pushing against the manifesting blessings that so many are waiting for. The needs that are essential to be addressed are many. The funds to make a difference are huge and the obstacle course that has followed is far and away one of the most beleaguered ever known. Surely, by now you most know that the attempts have been many to successfully complete this work . I wish I had something more to say that would bring more peace and more hope to the fore front. I am quite sure all are tired of hearing the same repetitive story: It is Coming; It is on its Way; It is being Resolved. 
But Do Remember: 
The War is Being Won and We Will be Victorious. P Continue reading

POOFness for FEB 24: “Waiting On The World To Change”

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Poof has said: 

Again, as we keep saying, things are progressing. At every juncture there are those who drop the ball or don’t believe they are to follow instructions or have higher 
ups that question and drain the lakes if you will, in ways that makes it difficult to complete some aspects of the command to float the boats. The glitches are fixed and the obstacles removed only to have more put in the way.  Continue reading