Importance of Grounding by jamil

written on February 10th, 2016

Importance of Grounding for all dreams, goals and well being:

The idea of connecting to the earth to most is silly since we are already on the earth, how can we not be connected. And we all are to certain degrees connected at all times or else we could not stay here for very long, long. However, when we investigate through observation the characteristics of a grounded circuit versus that which is not we can more effectively and honestly make an assessment of where we are.

When we connect our energy into the earth the thoughts (electric static) and unstable emotions subside. The magnetic field of the earth which we connect to through our root chakra energetically and (tail bone region) is our earth cord. By cultivating a practice that teaches our physical body, and energy body to ground we find that life becomes easier. Things once impossible in our mind becomes a possibility. We begin to pull earth energy into our being making us much stronger, and stable. Fears and insecurities begin to melt as our trust in ourselves increases; through the feeling of having a solid foundation under us at all times. Once grounded, with a calmer mind our heart begins to open naturally which alters our being and the world we attract on a quantum level. Through our open heart and grounded energy we are then able more fully to connect to our higher wisdom and the wisdom of the universe. Continue reading

Dying and Reborn – My experience today

November 19, 2015   by Jamil Haidari

Before I begin I would like to say that in my experience we all have this to some degree.

Yesterday, I came out of my inversion to soon and received a lot of intense energy to my crown and forehead area; this was felt as sinus pain. I have an inversion table which I got last sunday that I am using for assortment of reasons; mainly to release lower back and hip pain which has not left me for over 6 months. If you don’t know the inversion table allows you to hang upside down in different degrees based on your comfort level and intent.

This headache stayed with me till the morning. I tried green tea, cold water, neti point but nothing worked. I turned to plant healer marijuana and instantly felt the heat release. Only problem was that the energy release created a very intense energy that began circulate within.

I decided to do a grounding Yoga practice, avoid Sun Salutations and only practicing grounding and nurturing poses. I played “Strong Prana from Prana Heart” which is a audio energy transmission of the deep spiritual heart and life energy. The audible nature sound from this audio can be muted and effect of the transmission does not change. I also had Digital Mandalas on my laptop. These are like energy supplements for the body. I had Neurotransmitter, Spine and Back Pain, Testosterone and Ormus all running on my computer. These are all very activating energies except for Spine and Back which is used for healing and is a releasing energy. Back to the story now.

During a pigeon pose I released so much pain from my back that the energy was becoming even more intense. I was not sure if my head was too cold or hot, it was both and neither. I tried coffee too ground and that DID NOT WORK. LOL. Alas, I retired back to bed to lay down and focus on heart centred breathing , staying aware and relaxed. My wife Natasha put a cold towel on my head to cool my head and that was it for me.

I then began to experience the death process occurring within me. I felt this physically, emotionally and psychologically that a part of me was leaving with the pain that was being released. I have had these moments before and they are the deepest cleansing healing sessions you can have. I remember after each time I went through this process I came out as a new me.

I feel more alive today then I have felt in a very long time. Suddenly I have clear answers for all the issues that face my life. It is a huge change in perspective and game plans. I am excited again.

Thank you for sharing in my experience.


One of my Secrets : Iawake Profound Meditation 3.0

by: Jamil Haidari on March 23rd, 2015

This is my personal Testimonial and Endorsement for this Product.  Its awesome and I must give my thanks – Jamil….

To me this is one of the most powerful tools for human beings to continuously push their ENTIRE ENERGETIC SYSTEM; allowing yourself to EXPAND your awareness to the DEEPEST LEVELS of your beings.  I have been using iAwake products for atleast 2 years now and the PMP 3.0 program for over a year as well.

This program uses Audio Brainwave Entertainment that you listen too with your headphones.  High Quality Stereo headphones are recommended to get the best out of this program. PMP 3.0 has different tracks to either PUSH you to your personal mental limit and also PULL you to your personal limit. Thus, you can use this program everyday. Alternating between push and pull based on how you feel.

It has personally helped me to overcome:

1) Addictions and Limitations.

  • By removing the mental blocks and balancing the emotions that cause them.
  • By mentally melting the root thoughts that create the emotional feeling and physical patterns that caused me to stay stuck in a given level.
  • Strengthen my ability to mentally deal with life allow myself to shine more in each moment and create a more expansive experience of life.

By continuously strengthening your energetic system, it allows you to mentally deal with life issue more and more easy.

2) Expands my awareness and increases my ability to experience the moment.

  • The program stimulates your energetic system in a very powerful way. Very similar to that experienced by advanced yogis and meditators.
  • It stimulates the Kundalini energy directly which creates profound expansion. But if you already have an existing spiritual practice it will greatly enhance it.
  • The energy stimulation is very similar to that felt by advanced Kriya Yoga/Pranayma practitioners. It creates the same current of energy that runs up from your tailbone up your spinal column to your third eye and crown. This energy creates a massive transformation of your entire being. The Kriya Yoga practice is set to liberate man from suffering and allows them to reach their highest potential in one life. This program works the same energies but just more gentle on the spine. Excellent as a tool for existing meditation and yoga practioners to deepen and expand their practice.

I can gladly go into more specifics if requested. Check out their website I am attaching a link below this writing. Also if you got any questions feel free to ask.  I am not affiliated with them in anyway. I did some Beta testing on some of their other products all of which I loved ( I use Brainwave Technology quiet a bit). One was to help one get “Deep Sleep” and the other for “Feeling Euphoria”…..

Let me know if you would want me to do a YouTube video or another Blog to give more in depth  insight on the program and also to give practical ways you can use this program in any of your existing routine and practices.


All The Best


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