An Electric Car that does not need to be Re-charged!!!! – Saith Technologies

There are 3 videos of this company/inventor.   I hope they drop there goal for getting a patent and open source it.  It is the only way to keep it this project alive.

Free Energy Breakthrough – Rodin Coil Dynamics

I am not qualified to discuss this matter, except share this link.   This like other discoveries in the free energy movement, is quiet exciting.   The application for this discovery is endless.  It seems like this is Open Source as well.



A Free Office Suite Alternative

A Free Office Suite Alternative

For any of you that do not support microsoft or do not want to spend a lot of money to type documents and use spreadsheets.. I have attached a link below to a free Office Suite that works exactly like Microsoft Office call Libre Office Suite.  It is an open source software, and thus it is free. They make their money from donations, thus if you like the software and feel like donating any amount they will appreciate it.