War, Reval, Politics, Disclosure and Contact. “Finding the Truth Within”


By: Jamil Haidari – Monday, October 6th, 2014

This is for all the truth seekers.  “Find the Truth Within”

It is important as truth seekers that our seeking for truth begins and ends with seeking from within. As we learn to still our mind and purify and clear it; we begin to remove the distortion from our vision. We can also externally use our interest in information as a gauge of where our energy is at.

Wherever you are on the scale of interests. From seeking justice or seeking your own god realization; it is important to be discerning and aware that we are projecting into our external environment through our own internal lens of reality. This is important for many reasons.

     Mass Consciousness – The drama that is playing out in mass consciousness is probably behind your own emotional and mental evolution. Thus, the inner battles that you are facing are probably more refined then the ones that are facing our societies. If this is true, then putting most our attention on societal issues will slow and hinder our own psyche development. The answer is simple focusing on the things that brings one the most joy and will express your highest and most refined expression. Though it may be hard at first, one must constantly expand and follow their highest joy. This will put one on the fastest track to finding that which they most desire to find within, and then without.

     The Drama is necessary part of the Experience to go through ONCE – as we awaken from this reality we will go through different stages of our awakening. Become aware of which stage you are in by what information pulls you the most. If one doesn’t like the information or it is not exciting, create little magnetic pull, then chances are you are ready to refine your inner psyche further and experience subtler and more refined sources of information. Therefore it is important for ones evolution to drop the old from their reality ASAP. Mentally Detox.  Refrain from all information until you feel your mind is clear.  I recommend 5-7 days.            

    We are individually and collectively going through an awakening, do not wait for the slow wheel of mass consciousness nor be too interested in where it is; as it plays out its own drama. In order to step into your own mastery and assist the world in your highest way possible, one must first awaken from their own internal drama. Truth seekers forgetting too or refrain from mental detoxes will be overloading their mental space and polluting it. Thus all forms of healing must take place: Physically, Emotionally and Mental.

     Unclutch from the drama outside of yourself whatever it is. Drama is meant to play out in stages of your life to give you awareness of what lessons you still need to learn, they are not to be held onto or identified with. Learn and integrate the lessons. Purify yourself from any trauma that may have occurred during the lesson and expand further.

     I recommend information that inspire you to be more and do more. Using tools like Yoga can assist the quickest in your personal transformation. Their are many branches of yoga as there are different expansion modalities, thus research which type interests you like the most and learn to apply it to your life.  If one already has a personal practice, contemplate to what degree of passion one is practicing. If the passion is lacking, consider altering the practice, perhaps evolving/expanding it. Maybe the solution may be trying a different practice. Perhaps one is ripe for a practice that can give them a more direct route to inner truth. Experiment, find which one serves you best in the moment. All roads lead to THE ONE.