Passion without Reason – the Art of Tapping in

The art of tapping into our passion

By Jamil Haidari

Passion is the fuel that drives us in all our en devours both internal and external.  Without it we feel lethargic, bored, lazy without drive.  After a while one becomes accustomed to that feeling and energy being with them throughout the day.   By learning to breath into our solar plexus fully we can begin to provide ourselves with a new state of being and rev up our engine and our lust for life in all our dimensions.  The “Manipura” / Solar Plexus energy center is the engine that sparks the energy & emotional body.  It also fuels great insight and clarity in the mental body.   Learning to consciously stay in the state of passion each moment should be a goal of every being.  Whether the circumstances are their or not one must continue to fuel oneself from within to feel this state.  Being in this passionate/happy/excited state creates an energetic shift in your frequency that changes the whole way your being vibrates, operates and attracts.  Passion without reason.  

Some practical tips to strengthen your connection to your solar plexus:

1.  Strengthen your spine through Yoga, weight training etc,    This will give your spine the ability to sit taller and breathe deeper.  

2. * Learn to breath fully through your whole diaphragm, and allow your breathing to you fuel your being. If one learns how to breathe deeply using “Yogic breathing” or full diaphragm breathing then when one exercises or does yoga the results will be even more accelerated.  The trick is to allow the breathe and not muscle or effort to guide us.  

3.  Eat smaller portions, less quantity, and lighter foods.  This will allow you to feel deeper layers of your stomach. 

4.  Learning to connect deep into our spiritual heart the core of our being and breathing out into the world from this place.  This will purify and expand the manipura energy center through our spirit and prevent us from the adverse affects of not being able to channel our passion positively.  

5.  Fake it till you make it.  Even if you don’t feel passionate fake it by acting it and thus aligning your energies with that of passion, and eventually igniting that passion from within.  


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