Must Watch: Confusion of the Mind


A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!! I usually don’t post this subject on my blog, but with this I will make the exception.

This is a subject I have been studying and applying for over 6 years.

This man by far explains and teaches what is going on in our world society better then any man I have listened too.

A must watch for anyone who wants to know the truth about the society they are living in.  And will explain topics like:

1.  Property – who owns it and why

2.  Money – what is it and how it is used

3.  Mind Control – Goo d and Bad

4. Language – how language is used to control

5.  Government – What is it and why I have to listen???

6.  Law – what is law, so many out there, is it authority??

This website will:

• Reveal things you are not suppose to know.

• Give you knowledge that is not government approved.

• Expose things that are deliberately concealed.

• Unmask the illusion and fraud of deceivers.

• Teach you how the oldest trick in the book is done.

• Prove how you have been SWINDLED !


Who the thief is will SHOCK you.

Take your time and watch this series at your own pace.  Start with the Confusion series 9 episodes.  All episodes are available on his site and on Youtube (for now).

Intro Video:

60 minutes – US lawyers and Integrity


The investigative TV news program 60 minutes did an interesting investigation  in 2014 that recently hit the airwaves. They went to test the integrity of lawyers and law firms about participating in very shady and possibly illegal hiding of money through services provided by those lawyers and lawfirms.
The results….uh, surprise surprise, not good, but… what most people expect:

“…12 out of the 13 law firms, including 15 out of the 16 lawyers, not only heard Ralph Kayser out, they suggested ways that the suspicious funds could be moved into the U.S. without compromising the [client’s] identity.”

Now expecting that this is what is going on daily in law firms is one thing, confirming is a whole other. Once it is evidenced then the next step is to ACT on the facts to force change for the better, right?
Well, that is all well and good, if you don’t consider the other tidbits.
Did you know:

“They don’t send the lawyers to jail, because we run the country.”

That’s a quote.
Here’s another:

“We’re still members of a privileged, privilege class in this country.”

Ah, so true and bonus points for admitting the obvious that no one talks about and no one is fighting to change:

“We make the laws, and when we do so, we make them in a way that is advantageous to the lawyers.”

Prime Time News take on the Freeman Movement & Concept

RTE’s Prime Time hitjob on freeman. Though it is biased, it is as good a press this information will receive from mainstream. The Public Forum can never validate any of these claims or they risk their own existence on all fronts.

I will upload a video I made 2 years ago, this is a crude and short version of admiralty.