Top 9 Cancer Causing Foods – Dr Axe

There is not much needs to be said about this topic, this is very serious, and food is something we take in everyday.  As the video talks about Prevention is key.


Tim Ferris – Fear Setting !!

I think very highly of Tim Ferriss, based on his 2 books I read/listened too.  4 Hour Body and 4 hour work week.   A risk taker and an trail blazer on thinking outside the box when it comes to success in a career and fitness.

Fluidity Movement Training with Ida Portal, and Connor Mcgregor

As a student of movement, I am in awe and respect of other practitioners ahead of me. Be greatfull for what you have in this life and humble by your limitations as a human.

This is more advanced private session, but their are beginner movements that will help you reach these levels with time.