Energy Forecast – Jamil

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The energies of September so far, especially the past week, all I can say is “HEAVY”.
The past 5-7 days I could feel a deep heaviness around me and within me.
This same heaviness is observed by me in: nature, society and especially politics.
I can sense everyone is dealing with this really dark, dense, energy that are coming up for release.
Personally I am feeling it as itchy eyes, mild sinuses, bloated stomach, lethargy, fogginess in the head.  Deeper I feel numbness and thought patterns that are rooted in fear, with the flavor of anger, anxiety and agitation.
I have been guided to take this time to  focus more introspective work such as: meditation, journaling (blogging, lol) and other modalities.
Also I have done my best to be kind and lenient to myself with regards to my personal work load.
With regards to body work, I am focusing more on self massages and gentle stretching over going to the gym.
Notice the past week, how have you been feeling?  What would you describe the theme of the past week?  What are the things going on in and around you.
Love to get your feedback.

Flying Car – Terrafugia TF-X

This is slowly where we are heading, seems like this will be the transition between gasoline, electric engine transport and the next generation of magnetic propulsion transportation.   Doesn’t seem like we will see this in the next 2-4 years but who knows.   Thank you for posting.

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The Dance of Light and Dark by Jamil Haidari

May 25, 2015

As we breathe, the energies of Light and Dark interchange; as is so with the Cosmic Breath of our creator.

The depth and speed of our inhale dictates how deep we can feel the love of our creator and our experience. The Cool, loving embrace expanding in to life as we inhale. The cooler, softer and slower we can inhale; the more we experience the rise of our kundalini up our spine as a cool upstream flow.

The experience peeks and the inhale ends when our perception and feel of expansion has ceased; this depends on the quality and depth of our inhale. Thus you can say the quality of your experiences, the depth to which you can love and feel depends on the inhale.

Conversely, as the breath reverses we begin to harness hot, dark and dense energy. It feels like gravity itself. The heavier and warm the feeling the more dark energy one is grounding. This dark energy is what creates change, action and creation in our reality. By harnessing this energy, we harness the energy of divine and ground it into our being to create more effective change. The energy of darkness and light are 2 halves of ONE. Each one giving its own lessons and experiences.

A true creator uses each one at the appropriate time, balancing the two in perfect harmony.

All life lessons are constantly teaching us this. When we suppress and resist one energy we create imbalances and difficulties in our life. This can be observed by the quality of your breath. Thus working to change the quality of your breath directly impacts all aspects of your being.

We have all played the game of life on every side of the fence. Now we must master the art of staying neutral and playing in the middle. We will always be both Good and Bad based on perspective; and intention. Learning to Love the Dark as you do the Light is our journey home. Home back to our hearts, back to our source and back to neutrality.


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