My 132 Hour Water Fast Experience and Thoughts

My 5 ½ day (132 HR) Water Fast Experience

by Jamil

First if anyone has any questions as to why one would fast for 5 days I am attaching a good link with the explanation below:

I must say that going into this fast I did not plan to have it going for that long. After each day I felt pretty good and said, lets go for another. I finally gave myself and my wife a firm date of 5 days so I don’t over do it.

Reason why I fasted: Body was burnt out, ton of inflammation. Lower back, Neck, Head. Any Sound or Light that was too intense was irritating me. Way too much HEAT in the body. Way too much stimulation.

Toughest part of day was usually at night. This is when the body is usually purging the most in my experience and “cooling down”. My body temperature was all over the place. Sometimes I was burning up in the head and other times I was so cold I needed multiple layers of clothes and 2 sets of covers.

I had my first fast about 5 years ago, and since then never went over 2 and a half days at a time. When I first started fasting it was very difficult, and felt like I was getting really sick. Now these extremes do not occur anymore as my body is a lot cleaner and used to not eating for long lengths of time.

The 2 biggest tools one needs to do to stay strong during a fast is : Continue reading

New Earth Paradise

by Jamil Haidari

A new Earth is forming steadily, its pulse becomes louder and easier to sense.   The  gifts it has to share our rare fruits that many of us have not ever tasted.

Just as apparent chaos ensues around and within our the planet, there is another world where more love, abundance, compassion and unity are growing steadily.  In this world, your dreams can and will come true. If you are sincere you will experience a much easier and shorter time from intention to manifestation. Some of you may have already been experiencing it to certain degrees.  Things are becoming easier  and simpler.

You see in this world things can happen faster. The reasonance has much more coherence and thus the energy flows quicker and smoother. In this world evil does not exist, because we no longer wish to play in the game of light vs dark, good vs evil, bad and good (polarity/duality). Evil is almost a silly concept in this place just as it is very real in the Old Earth (because people choose to believe it exists and has control and power).

To fully embrace and ground in this world one has to have  their own inner Journey to their heart.  Heart centered consciousness is not an easy transition, its simple but not easy. For each of us our journey to this inner space and to our hearts desires will be different, however, there are practical tools that can assist one in reaching this state. We are creating a new dream together, it is no need to do battle with what we do not prefer, it is more effective as a creator to focus on that which we do want in our journey on this planet. As always the journey is within and not without.