Must Watch: Confusion of the Mind


A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!! I usually don’t post this subject on my blog, but with this I will make the exception.

This is a subject I have been studying and applying for over 6 years.

This man by far explains and teaches what is going on in our world society better then any man I have listened too.

A must watch for anyone who wants to know the truth about the society they are living in.  And will explain topics like:

1.  Property – who owns it and why

2.  Money – what is it and how it is used

3.  Mind Control – Goo d and Bad

4. Language – how language is used to control

5.  Government – What is it and why I have to listen???

6.  Law – what is law, so many out there, is it authority??

This website will:

• Reveal things you are not suppose to know.

• Give you knowledge that is not government approved.

• Expose things that are deliberately concealed.

• Unmask the illusion and fraud of deceivers.

• Teach you how the oldest trick in the book is done.

• Prove how you have been SWINDLED !


Who the thief is will SHOCK you.

Take your time and watch this series at your own pace.  Start with the Confusion series 9 episodes.  All episodes are available on his site and on Youtube (for now).

Intro Video:

Take the Leap to your Next Level by Jamil Haidari

“Take the Leap to your Next Level “ by Jamil Haidari

Today as I was performing my Yoga practice I received massive downloads from my higher self. The theme being “God Supports You”. Let me start out saying that it is not the same to intellectually understand something as is too truly feel it and see it clearly in your minds eye. That is why you must truly believe and take action small or large that re-inforces your belief in order to cement and ground it into your system.  What I am sharing has been said many times before.  Ask yourself this, how deeply have you experienced the statement above.  How vividly have you felt it inside of you.

Whenever you take risks, when ever you reach in a direction that leads to expansion and growth you will be supported. When you act on your Highest Joy and Vision you will be supported. You will begin to project a reality that conforms to your intended goal.. The Universe at the divine time will seamlessly mold itself to support you. All the pieces to your puzzle will reveal themselves to you, and you must only “Say Yes” and/or “Act”; be yourself. The Universe will do the rest. In this way you begin a positive feedback with your internal feeling and experiences. This will only lead to more growth internally and externally. All decisions and actions that require small or large risks are perceived tests that allow you to jump to a higher platform of your own choosing. Sometimes the steps will lead sideways or even appear to lead back; for the road is usually never one directional. Rest assure even a step backwards with the right attitude and response (a higher perspective) will take you where you need to go. Hold on to your vision; your faith and trust in yourself, and the Universe is paramount.

So take the leap and don’t look back..


Jamil Haidari