Loving Your Human Self is Falling in Love with Gaia by Jamil Haidari

As we connect deeper into and fuller into our physical body so will our connection to our mother Gaia.  Our journey into self love, love for our human self creates a deeper love for Gaia.   As we ground our spirit deeper into our body we begin to feel the love of our Mother Gaia and fall in love with her…


Salusa -July 4th, 2014

1 salusa 31 março

Via Mike Quinsey – http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/mike_quinsey/channeled%20messages/July%202014/salusa_4_july_2014.htm

Even those of you who are aware of time moving quicker are surprised that it appears to be going faster than ever. This in itself is a clear signal that changes are continuing to rapidly take place that will lead you further into the New Age. So do not doubt for one moment that they are setting up a scenario that will see the end of the old Age. There are signs for all to see but unfortunately very few are aware of them or their significance. In general terms what might be noticed is that the old style leadership is changing. No longer are those simply out for personal power and wealth able to fool people so easily. Instead those with a more moderate approach and with honest policies are being accepted, and they came into this period of time specifically to lead you forwards to your intended destiny. The Third Dimension as you understand it is rising up in vibration and will carry those who are ready with it. You have deservedly been given this opportunity to leave the lower vibrations for the higher ones. Continue reading