An Electric Car that does not need to be Re-charged!!!! – Saith Technologies

There are 3 videos of this company/inventor.   I hope they drop there goal for getting a patent and open source it.  It is the only way to keep it this project alive.

Free Energy Breakthrough – Rodin Coil Dynamics

I am not qualified to discuss this matter, except share this link.   This like other discoveries in the free energy movement, is quiet exciting.   The application for this discovery is endless.  It seems like this is Open Source as well.



Free energy devices for $200 to power homes around the world in 6-12 months.


The Keshe Foundation is NOT selling these units to YOU AND I—they are offering the prototype and blueprint to those who wish to MANUFACTURE, SELL AND DISTRIBUTE the units to WE, THE PEOPLE.

I am astounded at the negativity displayed by those who SUPPOSEDLY know what is going on. READ and LISTEN before you attack the Lightworkers. Unbelievable.

If the price is higher than $200, most people can still afford it because you won’t have to pay what you now are for electricity, gas, coal, solar, or whatever you’re using to power your life so YOU’LL HAVE A LOT MORE DISPOSABLE INCOME!!!!!

This isn’t rocket science. Does no one understand the most basic economics and personal banking?

He also makes it clear that for those who are absolutely unable to purchase a unit that funding will be provided. I don’t see what the problem is!

In TWELVE MONTHS—that’s by next Christmas—everyone on the planet will have this technology—that is, unless the naysayers sabotage the project and want it handed to them for free. I just don’t get human beings.

This man put his life and his family’s on the line to bring Humanity this technology and world peace. This is his life’s work. And some of you are unbelievably ungrateful.

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Salt Water Car Ready for European Roads


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We all know gasoline comes from oil, and we all know that oil is a non-renewable source of energy. Finding a new fuel source that could power our vehicles and also be renewable would be a wonderful invention for our planet. While we have come up with ethanol as a substitute for gasoline, the toxic emissions that come from burning it are extremely hazardous to our environment. Electric cars are also an option but they can take a very long time to charge, and the energy used to charge the batteries has to come from somewhere as well and that usually means “coal-burning facility”. Now there is another option for the environmentally conscious consumer!

NanoFlowcell has come up with a way to utilize hydrogen as a fuel source without having highly pressurized systems in place, since they can be rather dangerous. While there have been other potential manufacturers of hydrogen-fueled vehicles, NanoFlowcell seems to be the only one that has made it this close to the production line.

Genepax, a company based in Osaka, Japan in 2008, developed an energy generator that split water molecules to produce hydrogen and that was used to power an engine in a car. A membrane electrode assembly (MEA) was used to split the hydrogen molecule from the oxygen molecule via a chemical reaction. The cell only required air and water which removed the need for a hydrogen reformer or a high-pressure hydrogen tank, which was a safety concern. Genepax went bankrupt shortly after unveiling their model, even though they had received a patent on their water energy system.

Stanely Allen Meyer also invented a hydrogen-powered vehicle system which was patented. His idea implemented the use of “subjecting the collected gas mixture (extracted hydrogen and oxygen) to a pulsating, polar electric field whereby electrons of the gas atoms are distended in their orbital fields by reason of their subjection to electrical polar forces, at a frequency such that the pulsating electric field includes a resonance with respect to an electron of the gas atom.” Unfortunately, Stanely died in 1998 after a meeting with investors. According to his brother, Stanely said “they poisoned me,” then collapsed to the ground. You can read more of his patent here.

So what is different with NanoFlowcell’s design? For starters, it uses salt water! They have named their vehicle the Quant E-Sportlimosine and it has two tanks of liquid  with dissolved metallic salts. These dissolved salts have opposite charges and are then pumped through a membrane. The chemical reaction of uniting the two molecular structures gives off an energy that we can harness. This car has just been approved for testing on European roads, and it’s design  makes it look like it was made for those curvy roads. A sleek shape, and statistics that show 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds is an added bonus for something as beneficial to our planet as emission-free, non-hazardous transportation.

For more information on the Quant E-Sportlimosine, you can watch this video, and the following pictures show you what this beautiful creation looks like.

salt water

The car is 5.25 metres long, 2.2 metres wide, and has a height of 1.35 metre (4.4ft).

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Bengaluru inventor creates Free Energy from Vacuum -165% efficiency

Thank you Cosmic Vision News for reporting this – Jamil

BENGALURU: After toiling on it for nearly half his life, 80-year-old Paramahamsa Tewari finally received validation for his space generator – a super high-efficiency machine that produces power from vacuum.

A prototype of the machine tested by Kirloskar ElectricBSE -4.44 % exhibited 165% efficiency, said Murlidhar Rao, former director of Karnataka Power Corporation (KPCL), assisting Tewari.Through an agreement signed earlier, the Kirloskar group company can now enter into a contract  ..