SaLuSa weekly Message via Mike Quinsey – December 5, 2014


We were very pleased to step aside and allow Michael to send out another message in place of our usual one. The information sent out should lift your spirits considerably, as you have waited a very long time for an uplifting message that clearly indicates the beginning of many welcome changes on Earth. There are many changes to come for which the preparations have already been made. It means that very little time will be lost in changing your current situation of war and disharmony, to a different condition that heralds the coming of love and peace on Earth. We have often told you that changes are coming, and at last you will have a clear signal of confirmation. Many will still refuse to believe what they see happening before their very eyes, but denial will not hide the fact that the new Era has started.
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December 2014 Energy Forecast – Lee Harris

I really enjoy listening to Lee’s forecast.  His calm, and clear channel is pleasant to listen too; even if the information isn’t a revelation.  I also agree with him, especially with channel messages.  Though I still listen to other channel messages from “3rd Party entities”, I do with a pinch of salt. I noticed that individuals fears and fantasies (blockages) come through in a big way in messages.  – Jamil