Golden Ray – Abundance, Creative Manifestation


As I was doing my morning Yoga routine; I sun gazed for 12-24 deep breath allowing the Golden Ray to enter into the center of my head.  From their I guide the energy down to my feet; filling myself up with the rays of the sun.

I proceeded to go home and begin my Hatha (posture) Yoga practice.   I listen to AUDIO ORMUS in the background.  Which is a digital energy transmission of ORMUS (mono atomic Gold)…As the practice moved into the meditation and I begin to feel, visualize my whole body and then surrounding fill with the 3 rays of light that are emitting from Ormus.  White, the first and essential light that connects us to all things and has within it all the light spectrum.  Violet, which I feel as unconditional love for yourself, and all life (others included, lol).  Their is a loving deep wisdom from this light.

But I want to focus on the Golden Light.  I noticed that the Golden Light was the hardest and most difficult for me to visualize and feel.   I began to have a deep intuitive feeling that the Golden Light is  tied in to our abundance and ability to create and manifest our hearts desires.   Their may be more but I stopped their and explored it further.  One of the Golden Priinciples states : He who has the Gold makes the rules.   Gold equates to ability to manifest.  From our societies value of gold, to the apparent fascination of gold other civilizations on and off the world have with gold.  Gold, I read and was told has many healing and health benefits; definitely worth reading about all of that are listed.  Thus, it has many reasons why people store it, wear it and consume it (yes, I read higher civilizations consume it).

I believe through the mastering of the golden ray we can directly began to create this abundance in all things internally and externally.  I personally don’t recommend visualizing techniques.  I would however recommend a breathing practice to slow the breath sufficiently to allow you see it and feel it.  It is all done through the breath.   Sun Gazing will help. Look at the sun briefly or through the entire breath.  Relax all the muscles in your face, especially the eyes.  Allow the light to penetrate your eyes light 2 empty containers and fill the space in the center of your forehead where the Pineal and the Pituitary are located.  During the breath you may close your eyes and visualize this golden light in the center of your head where the light just shined.  Expand this light to fill your whole face and beyond going to your crown and beyond.  If your breath is deep enough then continue expanding to cover your whole inner field of view.  On your exhale relax deeply and allow the light to slowly run from the top of your forehead up to the back your head and then down all the way to your feet.  Feel as much of your spine as possible as this is happening.  You are charging your Sushumna channel (life force) which is located in your spine.   The softer and slower the better.  Feel as much as you can and visualize the light with your inner vision as best as you can; without exerting any effort that may create strain.   We want to be smiling internally to our self.  Very important to feel your feet the entire time; without that you will not effectively ground the energy into to your entire body.

I do this for 12 breaths usually whenever I can.   I recommend stopping the moment you feel you are losing your feet or the energy is becoming overwhelming or uncomfortable.  We are absorbing direct energy.  Do not time your sun gazing sessions.  Instead focus on getting slow and deep quality breaths.  3 deep and focused breaths doing the exercise I described is more effective then starring into the sun for 20 minutes without the right level of relaxation, focus and awareness.  Believe me I know..   I used to gaze at the sun for long periods of time.  I reached 39 minutes using the HRM sun gazing technique.   I will attach the 2 sun techniques I learned and use below for anyone that is interested.  I recommend watching the one by Lincoln he is the one who taught me the technique I shared with you today.

Sun Gazing with Hira Manek –

Solar Meditation with chakras – Lincoln – 

All The Best