Remove Emotional Blocks: Free Your Soul’s Creative Process

Very excited, as this is the first video of a new mini series on removing emotional blockage… Love his videos.  – Jamil

From Lincoln:

You are a creative being. But are you creating at 100% your potential? Are you creating without blocks, fears or resistance? Learn how to identify and remove the thoughts, emotions and energies that are blocking your creative process. Continue reading

How is Suffering an Illusion?

Sited from – Posted by Steven Beckow on September 3rd

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The original exchange with Gloria Wendroff, who producesHeavenletters and Godwriting, was in light of a comment posted on her blog.  Gloria is a dear soul (I’ve asked her to contribute some articles to the blog) and invited me to respond to it. (1) I’ve expanded on my response here.

The reader asked why God would consider suffering to be illusion, why I (Steve) would risk opposing the government, and whether God listens to what we say. Allow me please to share my response and expand on it here. And thank you, Gloria.

This is a time when lightworkers are drawing together and collaborating. I could cite instances from any day of the week in which this is happening.


Gloria invited me to respond to your questions, C, and I’m happy to.

If you think about it for a moment, everything is illusion except the One. (And of course the kicker is that everything is the One.)

What does illusion mean? It means that something is not permanent, eternal. The illusory comes and goes and only the Real remains. Continue reading



By Lincoln Gergar

The following is a reply that I wrote to a man inquiring about detoxification cleanses and asking for recommendations.  Here I review  18 different detoxification methods that I have used since 1998.  I will be adding more methods to this webpage as I continue to explore health, nutrition and longevity science.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Finally!!! The Elohim Confirm in a Surprising Message: The MPR is Progressing Smoothly after the Opening of the Megaportal 11.11 and Will Occur in Two Weeks on November 23-25

I really enjoyed this message.  Both the introduction with Georgi’s scientific explanation of an MPR with some physics and the channel.  The Elohim didn’t give a time, I am guessing Georgi or Carla did that.  Thank you for the message.
Some lingual explained: MPR – magnetic Pole Reversal.  HS – Higher Self, PAT – Planetary Ascension Team,  
Enjoy Jamil 

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov November 13, 2013


The time for our ascension has arrived – together with the impending MPR that will transform this timeline. This is what we have been awaiting all the time, but now we have the official confirmation from the Elohim. Continue reading