Effort vs Allowing – a practical example by Jamil

By Jamil Haidari September 10th, 2015

Several days ago when I was washing my dishes I realized that the practice of washing dishes is very similar and a great analogy for how we live our lives.

After cooking a meal on the stove I noticed that I had food stuck to the bottom of my pot and washing my dishes would become more challenging.  I am the type of person that likes things done as soon as possible, and thus not the most patient person.   Seeing that the burnt food  on the bottom of my pot was not that bad I began scrubbing my pots with a scratch pad. As you well know this took much effort, hot water and soap.    After finishing with the dishes it dawned on me.  My relationship with my dishes is exactly how I tend to deal with challenges in life; creating EFFORT to minimize time.  This was a moment of realization for me.  I could have easily just filed up the pots with some hot water and a little bit of soap and waited some time.  Allowing time and the elements to interact and do their job would result in the food particles naturally loosening and a much easier time washing the dishes.   All that was required was patience on my part.   Not to say that I never take this approach, but the fact that I didn’t only highlights my tendencies in life to make things hard in order to save time.

In my first example, their was a lot more effort and very little allowing.  While in the latter example their was a more balance approach.  I still had to give effort for the food particles to come off.  Pouring the water in pot, adding soap, and the very little scrubbing that I would need to do would constitute the effort.  The allowing part is used as a substitute, kind of like planting a seed. It creates a co-creation with the universe in which both take turn to their part.   It creates what could be described as a MAGICAL moment.  Kind of like making a wish and holding the intention.

I realized at the moment that their was more to the action of washing dishes then just the action of washing dishes. I was establishing a pace for my life of balance and was working in tandem with life and not against it.

My question to you is what is your relationship to your tasks, challenges and chores.   Is there a balanced approach.  Do you trust in the Universe to do its part when you do yours?  Or are you trying to do it all yourself??



Allowing Life to Unfold


By: Jamil Haidari

In the past 2 years I have consciously “ALLOWED” for Synchronicity to shape and lead my life to its unfolding. When my wisdom begins to push me in a direction, and life begins to mirror its echos (through family, friends, coincidences, strangers etc). I begin to shift my energies towards that outcome in all its possibilities and then allow for life to guide me. In the past I would attempt to force results, and plow my way to the finish line. This left me usually frustrated, tired and angry at life. I have come to a space of understanding that I do not have the GPS for where my life will take me. My intentions and my actions plant seeds; they build a boat that will take me where I want to go. Life is the captain, the sea and the current. As the witness, and co-creator of my life I have to be open to receiving and then stepping forward when the opportunity presents itself. As individuals and a collective we can go beyond a “Linear Time Progression” for achieving our individual and collective objectives. The Business Plan Model for life (mapping out all the steps) keeps only one stream open in an endless stream of potentials. I am not advocating, doing nothing. It is a balance of Effort and Allowing.  Continue reading