The Dance of Light and Dark by Jamil Haidari

May 25, 2015

As we breathe, the energies of Light and Dark interchange; as is so with the Cosmic Breath of our creator.

The depth and speed of our inhale dictates how deep we can feel the love of our creator and our experience. The Cool, loving embrace expanding in to life as we inhale. The cooler, softer and slower we can inhale; the more we experience the rise of our kundalini up our spine as a cool upstream flow.

The experience peeks and the inhale ends when our perception and feel of expansion has ceased; this depends on the quality and depth of our inhale. Thus you can say the quality of your experiences, the depth to which you can love and feel depends on the inhale.

Conversely, as the breath reverses we begin to harness hot, dark and dense energy. It feels like gravity itself. The heavier and warm the feeling the more dark energy one is grounding. This dark energy is what creates change, action and creation in our reality. By harnessing this energy, we harness the energy of divine and ground it into our being to create more effective change. The energy of darkness and light are 2 halves of ONE. Each one giving its own lessons and experiences.

A true creator uses each one at the appropriate time, balancing the two in perfect harmony.

All life lessons are constantly teaching us this. When we suppress and resist one energy we create imbalances and difficulties in our life. This can be observed by the quality of your breath. Thus working to change the quality of your breath directly impacts all aspects of your being.

We have all played the game of life on every side of the fence. Now we must master the art of staying neutral and playing in the middle. We will always be both Good and Bad based on perspective; and intention. Learning to Love the Dark as you do the Light is our journey home. Home back to our hearts, back to our source and back to neutrality.


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Hilarion Weekly Message – May 3-10, 2015


This weeks message struck a cord – Jamil

Beloved Ones,

As you walk the ways of the world you live in, you are daily changing yourselves and those around you. Meeting self in all of its aspects and nuances requires the utmost courage and sincerity of purpose but the rewards for your persistence are becoming self evident. When you look back in a time not too distant, you can see in hindsight that all of your experiences have brought you to this moment of clarity and inner strength. Every experience you have ever had, has brought you greater insight, wisdom and spiritual growth. As you move forward on your personal journey into higher consciousness, awareness and understanding, you make it that much easier for others to find their way forward also. Through all of your self imposed disciplines and spiritual practices through the years, you have learned that love of self is of the utmost importance on your spiritual quest, for it is from that love that the love of the divine finds expression through you.

It is well for you to keep in mind, that the ultimate purpose of your spiritual efforts is the building and strengthening of your etheric body of Light. This body surrounds your physical body and is composed of many different aspects and layers. Each layer (the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) needs to transmute any and all energies and influences that prevent the lightbody from coming into greater prominence in your life. As the cleansing and purging of the human condition continues, that lightbody grows in luminosity and radiance. This is the ultimate objective of the Divine Plan, that humanity as a whole, remembers the Light that they truly are and expresses that Light more until all density is transmuted. This is accomplished by daily living and practicing of the golden rule, the understanding that as you do unto others, so it is done unto you. That spiritual law has always been in existence along with that of harming none.

Do not falter on your spiritual journey as these challenges come before you. These tests and trials are honing you into a being that has greatness within them. Each step that you take towards the ultimate purpose of your incarnation here upon the planet, is a step towards victory. When humanity moves beyond the confines of duality and polarity and chooses to express and manifest their greater Light, the world will change and transform quickly. Look to the future then, with hope and with a peaceful heart. As long as you are sincerely making the effort to return to the Light that is your true state of being, you are in harmony with the plan of your soul’s journey into bringing all aspects of yourself into the greater Light. Every person incarnate on the Earth at this time has an equal opportunity to advance in their awareness and consciousness.

It is all a matter of choice, as each person traverses the movement between dimensional frequency levels. There needs to be a greater cleansing of so much of Earth’s long history of the forgetfulness of its inhabitants of that greater Light which they are. All actions and deeds from the past which left great pockets of darkness in many places on the planet are areas that are now being cleansed and balanced. It is important to send your love, Light, healing and support to these areas of the world where the inhabitants have been so severely tested and to help in any way that is so sorely needed at this time. Put yourselves in their shoes for a moment and feel how grateful you would be for the most basic of necessities in such a situation. Offer your prayers for the highest outcomes to come to those who are suffering.

There will be many areas of the world that will be transformed in many ways and it is important that you stay centered, remain calm and send out the Light where it is needed most. All it takes is your focus and intention for a few moments several times a day. The planet Earth is home to all and is the only home to each of its inhabitants. Send Light and love to this conscious and loving Being also.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2008-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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3D Bioprinting – Thyroids in 2015, Kidneys 2018

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Predictions as to when the first living, transplantable organs will be available has been the subject of much debate. However, according to a group of Russian scientists, the release of the first organs will be in 2015. The group has taken a little bit of a different approach since they will be starting with transplant-ready thyroid glands.  Continue reading