Gordon Duff VT 8-13-16… “Breaking: Did the World End Yesterday and Nobody Noticed?”

Like hos the VT article mentioned the fact we should of had free energies in at least the 1800’s(or earlier???)…

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veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_60This is quite “remarkable”, as apparently VT has several teams working on demonstrating the validity of Keshe Magrav technology. This also includes a brief overview of the “hazards” of being a “free energy” person, and the opposition which has been brought against this “freeing” technology.

Make no mistake, however, “It’s here, it may seem ‘queer’, so get over it!”

“The device you are seeing, done by one of five teams testing new Keshe technology to end all dependence on wind, solar and nuclear energy, oh yes, we mean oil and coal too, is, if we can believe our eyes, powering enough appliances to run an entire house.

“There is a massive effort out there to discredit Keshe technology as “fantasy” even though DARPA and Boeing are confirmed to be getting excellent results using Keshe MagRav units they hope will power naval vessels. Rumor has it that Boeing has a Keshe…

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