My 132 Hour Water Fast Experience and Thoughts

My 5 ½ day (132 HR) Water Fast Experience

by Jamil

First if anyone has any questions as to why one would fast for 5 days I am attaching a good link with the explanation below:

I must say that going into this fast I did not plan to have it going for that long. After each day I felt pretty good and said, lets go for another. I finally gave myself and my wife a firm date of 5 days so I don’t over do it.

Reason why I fasted: Body was burnt out, ton of inflammation. Lower back, Neck, Head. Any Sound or Light that was too intense was irritating me. Way too much HEAT in the body. Way too much stimulation.

Toughest part of day was usually at night. This is when the body is usually purging the most in my experience and “cooling down”. My body temperature was all over the place. Sometimes I was burning up in the head and other times I was so cold I needed multiple layers of clothes and 2 sets of covers.

I had my first fast about 5 years ago, and since then never went over 2 and a half days at a time. When I first started fasting it was very difficult, and felt like I was getting really sick. Now these extremes do not occur anymore as my body is a lot cleaner and used to not eating for long lengths of time.

The 2 biggest tools one needs to do to stay strong during a fast is :

A) Frequent Meditation Breaks – this is huge, by reconnecting to your long and relaxed breath we flood the body with oxygen and give energy to our system. This makes fasting so much easier.

I spent about 4 hours a day on average during the fasting day consciously breathing. I was not always sitting, sometime I was stretching, walking slowly outside, self massaging (rumble rolling), and chanting.

B) Intermittent Fasting – The best way to succeed with day long fasts is to incorporate intermittent fasting into your daily schedule. I will explain. In my case on average I do not eat till the afternoon (around 12pm) and stop eating by maximum 8pm. Thus I spend 2/3 of the day not eating, just drinking water, tea and the morning smoothie. I aim to always lower the eating length but each day is different. I been doing this for over 3 years and this is the only way I function now. Intermittent fasting has a TON of benefits which you should research.

This is one of the main reasons why I can do water fasting without too much of an overload on my system.

C) Healthy lifestyle – I do not recommend anyone fast before they have incorporated healthy lifestyle choices. If the body is not purified sufficiently and one does a fast, it will be very uncomfortable. The first 2 times I fasted it was torture. I was glad I did it after, but boy was it hard on me.

The three things I noticed the most after the Fast are:

1) Focus/Alertness level is much higher – sometime after the 2nd day I started feeling very mentally sharp regardless of my energy levels, I believe this is because my body was using Ketones (fat) for energy as opposed to glucose. In general I find it much easier to just sit down at any moment and meditate. As opposed to before when I had to effort to do it.

2) Will Power – Feel like I definitely built up my will power. Saying no too all my favourite comfort foods made me much more resilient to temptation.

3) Rejuvenated – Emotionally, I feel a lot happier and lighter. A lot calmer. My body digests food much better.

Anyone has any questions or comments feel free to ask.




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