Importance of Grounding by jamil

written on February 10th, 2016

Importance of Grounding for all dreams, goals and well being:

The idea of connecting to the earth to most is silly since we are already on the earth, how can we not be connected. And we all are to certain degrees connected at all times or else we could not stay here for very long, long. However, when we investigate through observation the characteristics of a grounded circuit versus that which is not we can more effectively and honestly make an assessment of where we are.

When we connect our energy into the earth the thoughts (electric static) and unstable emotions subside. The magnetic field of the earth which we connect to through our root chakra energetically and (tail bone region) is our earth cord. By cultivating a practice that teaches our physical body, and energy body to ground we find that life becomes easier. Things once impossible in our mind becomes a possibility. We begin to pull earth energy into our being making us much stronger, and stable. Fears and insecurities begin to melt as our trust in ourselves increases; through the feeling of having a solid foundation under us at all times. Once grounded, with a calmer mind our heart begins to open naturally which alters our being and the world we attract on a quantum level. Through our open heart and grounded energy we are then able more fully to connect to our higher wisdom and the wisdom of the universe.

Through Yoga (movement and breathing practice) we teach ourselves to ground more effectively. We strengthen our joints and stabilizer muscles that keep our body from harm. We strengthen the spine which increases our ability to generate pushing and pulling energy (emotions, thoughts). We naturally with time become stronger and more flexible in all aspects of our life.

Their are many ways we can connect to the earth besides yoga as well. Going out and connecting with nature, walking barefoot, eating a solid meal. However, through yoga we teach ourselves to stay connected without doing anything external, we become more self sufficient.

Like Mantauk Chia said in one of his teachings: “Before we fly to the moon, we must learn how to land.”



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