Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies

Science is merging the gap between what we can do within our own inner space using sound and what can be done using technology. – Jamil

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2 thoughts on “Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies

  1. Dr. Hulda Clark has shown this over 50 years ago and developed the Zapper that attacks parasites and bacteria. New Technology that I use now is called the Diamond Shield Crystal Zapper developed by Dr. Baklayan in Germany, this Zapper is incredible and has programmed different frequencies used for different ailments plus all the frequencies that Dr. Hulda Clark Developed. We know today that every living organism down to the atomic level have their own unique frequency so all we have to do now is either increase it to heal or decrease it to destroy. This should be passed on to everyone we know.. Every third person today is dying from some form of cancer.

  2. Interesting you mentioned that, I was just researching about her zapper today. Read about a while ago but now I was interested in buying one. The video is more of a main stream acceptance of these types of technologies.

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