Time and Patience – Lincoln Gergar

This is a response from Lincoln Gergar.  I had a question regarding manifestation.  A link to his website is below his answer  – Jamil 

Hello Jamil,

When we work to manifest our creative desires into this world, there are many factors at work.  First, a person must:

1) know and trust in the power that they have to create their experiences,
2) know and trust in the power that God / Source Consciousness has to create any experience into reality,
3) know and trust that one’s self is fully connected to God / Source Consciousness, and

4) know that one’s self is worthy and able to experience the end result / goal of one’s creation.

If any of these parts are missing, then successful creation cannot be guaranteed.  Successful creation may still occur if one or more parts are missing, because the power of God can override one’s own personal doubt and disbelief.

When we are working to manifest our creative desires, we must also have an understanding of “the highest good” and how this relates our creative success.  When we are working in harmony with God’s Will / God’s Plan / our Higher Self, we will only receive the support of this Higher Creative Energy when our actions are in harmony with this Higher Intelligence.   It is true that a person can manifest nearly any experience, however it is only when one’s own desires and actions are in harmony with the Higher Self that the Universe will offer additional cooperation.  By awakening our intuition and inner knowing, we are able to understand what God’s Plan is for us.  Then we are able to more effectively cooperate with it.

Another aspect of importance relates to personal power.  Each human being is an expression of different types of energy, one of which being the original creative energy of their soul.  The more energy the soul transmit through the mind, emotions and physical body of the human being, the more effectively creative manifestation will occur.  A human being can increase his/her creative power by developing a stronger connection to their deepest self / soul and in doing so will acquire increased creative power.

Ulimtaely it is the Higher Mind, conscious mind and subconscious mind that are responsbile for directing this creative energy.  The more purified each layer of mind, the more accurately and effectively the createive power will transmit.  The less subconscious mind activity, the more creative direction the conscious mind and Higher Mind will have.  The more aligned the conscious mind is to the Higher Mind, the more creative power one will transmit.

The final aspect is that of time and timing.  As human beings we exist in a time-space dimension.  Our actions create cause and effect relationships that transpire over time and space.  Within this reality, not always will our thoughts, emotions and actions immediately manifest our success.  We must allow for the time necessary for our creations to travel through time and space to interact with the surrounding forms and intelligence within the forms, before we can experience the intended results of our creations.

As part of the factor of time is the role that the Higher Intelligence has in our creative process.  The Higher Intelligence understand when an experience is able to be manifest and also the best time and space location for the experience to manifest.  Our personal self can develop knowledge of when and where our manifestion will occur by developing a stronger Higher Self connection.   Sometimes our personal mind wants the goal to manifest at a time or location that is not in harmony with the Higher Intelligence’s understanding of what is appropriate.  A person may believe that he/she is a failure, when in fact the appropriate time and location has not yet occurred.

There are many factors involved in a soul’s / human being’s creative process.  By examining each part, we are able to adjust how we have been living so that we may enter into greater states of creative success.
Blessings and Love

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