Notes from Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference in Taiwan

Maybe relevant for some….

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portal2012_logo_vertical112cheryls_notes_for_cobra_taiwan_2015_imageLance White informed me about this a few days ago, and I’m finally getting to putting it up here.

I’ve not yet read this whole article, but I’ve seen a few bits, and I can assure that there is much data here that will be very helpful for many. Everything from the Breakthrough, RV, currency situation, and all sorts of things.

At some point, I’ll likely create a pdf of this for storing on computer/ phone/ pad, and reading at one’s leisure (if there actually is something called “leisure” anymore!!)


Cheryl’s Notes from Cobra’s Breakthrough Conference in Taiwan

Much thanks to Cheryl Scott for granting The Event Chronicle permission to publish her notes from Cobra’s recent Breakthrough Conference in Taiwan on January 24 – 25, 2015.

There’s some very interesting and important information contained within this document that Cobra hasn’t yet shared on his website, Portal 2012 (or are…

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