10 Things About Interstellar You Should Look Forward To

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It isn’t long until Interstellar is released. In fact – it’s achingly soon.

The movie, Directed by Chistopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight), stars Matthew Mconaughey (Dallas Buyers Club). The plot is mainly shrouded in secrecy even now, but we do know that it explores the idea of humans seeking life elsewhere in the universe. This means it will include a lot of space travel, sweating and otherworldly phenomenons. See for yourself in the trailer below!

Exciting, right?! Right. To keep up that intensity, here are 10 Things About the Movie to Look Forward To

1/10: Matthew McConaughey continuing his McConaissance

Matthew McConaughey Oscar

A while back we reported on Matthew McConaughey’s unreal rise from the rom-com doldrums to respectability of the highest order with his Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. Now he stars in Interstellar and the director seems happy with his work…

‘He’s just a phenomenal, charismatic…

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