Jack Heart, VT 10-25-14… “Return of the Titans: Black Sun Rising 66 part 1”

Not done reading this, but is interesting nonetheless; thought others might enjoy.

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veterans_today_jack_heart_banner_1This is rather of a “mind opener” (or “mind blower”), and I felt strongly drawn to post it. I’ve not heard or read Jack Heart before, but apparently he’s written several prior pieces for VT. This article seems to touch on a part of our “Galactic History” that might be asking to be unveiled. See what hits you from this one.


Return of the Titans: Black Sun Rising 66 part 1

By Jack Heart

This was found in a burial mound at Sayre Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1888. Outside of the horns and being over 7’ tall it’s completely human.
“The blood of the Titans is alive, I thought, strangely and wonderfully alive!”

“We are not allowed to forget Hitler and war-time Germany. Nightly, we are presented with an ever on-going television tirade against the man and the country he loved. It all happened so long ago that…

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