The Seven Chakras: What Are Their Purposes? – Part 1/7

Good, and concise explanation of the chakras….

Openhearted Rebellion

Each chakra serves a unique purpose

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

We hear a lot of talk about ‘chakras’ in the spiritual community, but what exactly are they? What purpose do they serve?

As we’ll learn here, chakras are literal, inner energy centers, and they provide us with an important link to the other side of the veil. It can be easy to feel like we’re cut off from spirit here on earth, but in reality, we’re constantly connected with the higher realms.

We constantly bring through creative, spiritual energy, and our chakras play an important role in this. We’ll develop our chakras more easily if we get to know them better, and before we know it, we’ll consciously bring through waves of pure energy that’ll have a massive effect on the collective consciousness.

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