The Office of Poofness – July 9th, 2014 Midweek Report


Greetings and Salutations:

ZAP Says:

Hi all,

The grinning pigs are back. Midweek, too.

Please prepare for the Reset(s).

July 20, 2014 is confirmed as the date when many announcements will happen.

In the meantime, all transactions in the USA and indeed globally, have been blocked or frozen at the moment…very quiet out there. This is necessary while the system undergoes a change.

The RV may be brought out in the next hour or day(s). Unsure; depends how quick it can be all done.

The issues in Iraq with the vegetable in power (the one with the intellectual agility of a small soap dish) are pretty well over. He is smoking a hookah now. Somewhere.

Project starts are going to begin in next weeks, formally, from our side, as our project transfers have been released. Some other funds have also been released here and there, but only at the highest levels.

So many things to say, but cannot. Not yet. Suffice to say you can all begin rejoicing – slowly. It will be some days until things settle out and the changes made public, but you will begin to hear much excitement from the gurus who will profess inside information on this and that – and the majority of it will be truth I would say.

Do not lose sight of the macro picture, and that is that the end of the slavery is here, and the global reset, GCR, RV, PPP, M.O.U.S.E , and all else is here. No more (headbang) – oops, sorry, this is not Skype.

May the pigs be with you.

In Love and Light in Our Service

 Copyright ZAP 2014


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