Kathryn May, 6-11-14… “Father God: On the New Ascension Path”

Enjoyed reading this channel…..

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kathryn_may_newer_1When I finally read this channeling yesterday, there were several parts that absolutely lined up with what was coming through my own Higher “Channels” (aka, “Higher Self”), namely, that the “ascension” paradigm often put out there, of a rather “instantaneous” ascension, was not going to occur that way. In fact, it’s possible that was a probable scenario at one point in time, at least on one timeline, but not any more. My own realization of this came, roughly in the latter half of 2012.

The other message I was getting (and still am) was it would be much more inclusive and far-reaching for this planet if “The Ascension” process were more gradual.

Here’s a couple items from this Kathryn message that resonated.

“It has been an intense week for many of our Lightworkers on the ground. Energies continue to flow in great waves from the Great Central Sun, our Source…

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