Jim Self, Free Webinar: Discernment – Why Understanding and Applying This One Concept Will Make All the Difference in How You Experience Your Life

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Source: Mastering Alchemy

In order to discern you must be able to observe before you choose. Choosing can only be done from the present NOW moment. It cannot be done from a past emotion or from a future concern. Consequently, living from your habits and old beliefs interferes with your ability to discern and choose the life you wish to live.

In this session we will build the environment enabling you to understand and experience discernment.

audio/mpeg iconDiscernment, Q&A (38:11)

Q and A [fourth audio]

  1. How is intuition different from discernment?
  2. Does the feeling of rising above the noise feel like a meditative state?
  3. What’s the different between the Adam Kadmun body and the Light Body?
  4. Are our prayers helping the turmoil on earth?
  5. Is focusing on the breath a way to come into the center place?
  6. Is it too soon…

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