Transhumanists: Superhuman Powers & Life Extension Tech Will Allow Us To Become Like God

This movement cannot increase spiritual development. It is a parallel and some might say opposite direction; then an organic evolutionary movement,,,

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

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by WashingtonsBlog

Preface by Washington’s Blog: We believe transhumanism has very misguided ideas and goals.

Let me add to the words of WashingtonsBlog: Anyone who, for instance, gets a perfect body without the accompanying wisdom is little more than a zombie. There are already devices that can renew our inner organs and make them ‘ young again.’ Because physical disease is not a separate thing from all aspects of our lives but is deeply interconnected with our experiences, without the wisdom that comes with the inner journey of healing, IMO we will be nothing but fodder for those who want to control us.

To me, transhumanism is a deeply flawed concept. In the end, we will still have to make the decision to heal — to make the inner journey — in order to mature and grow. We might duck it here and now…

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