Message about the GCR, RV, Reset (and whatever else “world financial stuff” you might throw out there), from a “Goat”…

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Usually I will not post these types of articles, but I found this (emailed to me by Ginger) very helpful, about the entire process involved. Supposedly Ms. Mtn. Goat has some expertise and experience in this arena. At least, from my view, she is one of the very few I tend to put any “faith” in regarding these matters.

As always, use discernment.

Here are the links: Part 1, Part 2 (I’ve displayed the text from both parts below).

“The following is what I am hearing the global districts will be looking something like this with their focused media for exchange below:

North American Alliance (Canadian dollar),
South American Alliance (Brazilian Real),
Middle Eastern Union (Iraq dinar),
Far Orient (Chineese Yuan).
Near Orient (India Rupee)

This way if one financial district fails the remaining districts also do not fail thus preventing another global financial…

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