Office of Poofness 3-9-14… “Ordinary Love”… “Time to pull those [Dreams] back up and rework them”

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poofness_office_of_32 Thanks to RMN (Hobie) for continuing to post these right away. Highlights in quotes, below.

“[Poof] I would like to make it clear that losing faith at this time is inappropriate? Don’t let go after hanging this line; Just say little and watch. Watch and be aware and be ready to do the wise, aware, and professional things that will be needed. The world is a lot more chaotic than you would know at this point… get the faith back in place and realize you are going to be blessed beyond your wildest imagination. Most have misplaced their dreams. Time to pull those back up and rework them.

“[S3Alpha via Zap] Per conversation with bond brokers & global depository institution facilitators, institutional investors, global clearing houses, tier 1 trading desks, agencies, and CME contacts, the wire transfers for the bonds have started and the rates on the Iraq bonds is…

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