This May or May Not be “What’s Really Happening”, but Here it is… “Sananda’s Announcement… “Currency Exchange and Celebration Today!”

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kathryn_may_4 This email announcement came through this morning, and I will say, “Just use ‘Discernment of the Higher Variety'”.

I have not yet seen any indication of any RV of currencies she spoke of, or anything like that so far, at least on my app. But, as I mentioned in this post, I sense we are very close to something “major” happening (whatever “major” means; whatever “happening” means).


Sananda’s Announcement… Currency Exchange and Celebration Today!
Transcribed by Kathryn E May, February 26 2014, 6:00 AM – Atlanta

Today, at last, my Beloved Ones, you will be able to exchange some of the
currency which will begin the great march toward World Prosperity.

Let me explain: It became necessary for Prime Creator to step in to help initiate this process, because problems on the ground were dragging on – technical, as well as ego-related and criminally-instigated delays.

It was…

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