The Galactic Council Speaks Through Harolan, Part 196 (via Kathryn May)… “You see, this is a global, all-encompassing, massive shift in consciousness”

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20140125-165416.jpgThis arrived via email, so I don’t know the specific link. Here’s Kathryn’s website…

I rarely post “the Channellings” any more, only if I feel an alignment with them. This one, I do, in particular the bits below. Thank you for using discernment.

“This latest part of the sting operation has dovetailed with simultaneous programs which have identified generations of humanitarian abuses, war crimes, sexual abuses, child trafficking and sex trafficking and other organized crime activities… This theme will continue and increase by the day as investigative reporters overcome their fears and gather steam and inspiration to bring the Truth to the public…

“At the present moment, January 23, 2014 in Earthtime, we are closely following the unfolding of what you call the “sting operation” which will culminate in massive arrests, trials and the removals of the greedy financial operatives from your midst…

“This is not a change which…

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