Higher Self channeled message for 2014 — Predictions, Energies, Prophecy

Lincoln’s Video Description:
Published on Jan 3, 2014
2014 is a powerful year of New Beginnings. The 2012 Changes energy has stabilized. 2014 will be a year for new growth, new opportunities, and more creative power. Listen to the Higher Self’s predictions, prophecy and wisdom for the year 2014.

This Channel Higher Self message is more than empty guesses about what will happen in the future. This video is a lens into the understanding and viewpoint of higher consciousness and the energies that govern the Universe and life on Earth. You will learn how the evolution of human consciousness is happening. You will understand the non-physical energies and how they are guiding the changes in our lives. Guidance is shared to help you cooperate with your soul’s awakening. Peace, confidence, empowerment and wisdom will all be given to you.

This video creates a powerful doorway for you to walk through as you create this new year 2014 in harmony with your soul’s path and Higher Self wisdom.

Blessings and Love.

Satsang with the Self video series by Channel Higher Self

January 3, 2014

Higher Self channeled message for 2014 — Predictions, Energies, Prophecy

The Higher Self Teachings are presented by Lincoln Gergar, the channel for Higher Self. Since 2007 Lincoln has shared nearly 2,000 free spiritual teachings to help human beings evolve on their spiritual paths. The Higher Self Teachings provide a direct spiritual path that will connect you to your Higher Self, increase your experience of Divine Love, eternal peace and creative power. The Higher Self is our Inner Guru, our connection to God Within.

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