Kathryn May, Message from St. Germain,1-3-14

Interesting too see real soon if this channel is of neutrality and truth.

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imageI do not often publish the “channel” type messages, but I felt this one aligned with the last Poof/Zap, and may make some sense to a few.
Message from St. Germain

Beloved Ones, it is I, St. Germain, with a message for all the masters and Heart Guides who have followed our messages so carefully, and kept the faith even when the information sometimes seemed outrageously conflicting. (It was, admittedly.)  We were not trying to “jerk you around.”  We were using your good graces to transmit the crucial messages which were necessary in setting the trap so that we could catch the ones who were deliberately using their positions of power to take advantage.  Their scheme – which was cooked up by some of the leaders of the U. S. Congress, and included an international cartel of bankers and politicians – was designed to buy up so much…

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