Links to all parts of “Galactic History” with Andrew Bartzis/Lance White

Watching it right now.. Finding it very interesting so far..

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galactic_history_video_snip2These are all posted at Creating5D. I wanted to post the links to all parts, as I sense many will be interested in this class. I’m finding that, personally, I am currently very drawn to hearing these. Perhaps because it resonates with what “The Journey”, in part, was about. Namely, in bringing many together to “Journey” across and around Turtle Island, and actually become “involved” in the grid work which was occurring all along the way.
Links to all parts:

  1. (1)
  2. (2)
  3. (3)
  4.–HpYL_dI (4)
  5. (5)
  6. (6)
  7. (7)
  8. (8)
  9. (9)
  10. (10)
  11. (11)
  12. (12)
  13. (13)
  14. (14)
  15. (15)
  16. (16)
  17. (17)
  18. (18)
  19. (19)
  20. (20)

Many thanks to Lance White for recording these classes. Here are a couple links I found, for those who may wish to follow his work.

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